Metronome-Rhythm Device with Midi Sync Out For Live Looping

I’m new to Mod Duo, and still determining if it can do what I need.

I’m looking for ideas on how to implement/design a musical sounding rhythm device which has the primary function of 1. providing an audible metronome to one channel of audio outs and 2. providing midi sync out which can be sent to another audio looper device that would be the slave to the Mod Duo.

I’d want to map controls as such; Button 1 tap tempo. Button 2 Start or Stop. Knob 1. volume of metronome track. Knob 2. panning of metronome. Any external audio to be processed would just be using one channel and stay the same volume.

I’m not sure how the navigation is on the Mod Duo patches, but if possible I’d like the knobs to also allow me to select preset “patches” for the metronome, thinking of them as preset tempos and time signatures. Is this possible? Maybe push and turn allows me to select the tempo? Push and turn on the other knob selects from “presets”.

I’d like to come up with creative ways to design the metronome so that it’s beyond just a click, for example, one idea would be to play something into the pedal and have it capture a short audio loop which can be processed in a rhythmic drone like manner, that will set the tempo, but could also be something I can blend into the mix if I choose, or simply keep it as a rhythmic reference for my other looping.

The main thing I’m trying to accomplish is to be able to start creating my loops in an atmospheric manner but know where the beat is so at anytime after I’ve created my initial loop on my Infinity Looper, I can add elements that are beat synced since I can reference the "click/metronome loop playing on the ModDuo.


What you describe sounds exactly like a Midinome pedal.

I also found this on the threads which has some information that might help. good luck!


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Thank you! Midinome doesn’t look promising. I have to watch a few more vids to see how it handles bars/measures. Some looper you just tap in the measure before it ends to signal the start of a new loop or new event like going in and out of overdub mode, so I just wonder how precise you need to be to establish the first loop point.