Menu Button Delay


There seems to be a small delay between pushing the Menu button, and the display update/white-LED under the button to show up? Id guess its about 300 ms delay, between the “click” of pushing the button, and the LED coming on.

The “push buttons” all work fine (no human-perceivable delay), the “click” of pushing is noticed at the same time as the red LED highlighting the newly pushed button.

If there is some reason for the delay (e.g. reading the input/output gain values from HW), can I suggest to light up the white Menu LED first, and then do the reads/screen updates?

Today the Menu feels a bit sluggish… hope that’s enough info! -Harry


Additional info:
Based on cat /proc/intterups output, the ttyS1 represents the Push buttons (and footswitches), while ttyS2 represents the “Menu” button?

A “Pad” button press fires 8 interrupts immediately.
Footswitches fire 2 interrups immidately.
“Menu” button fires approx 9 (sometimes ±2?) over about 300ms.


yeah noticed some delayish behavior too regarding the button press.

is there any future improvement planned?

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Apparently, there was already a small fix on this from this build.
Do you have already installed this version?
It can be improved even further, but there are not yet plans for it.

I don’t see any noticable delay with the 1968 build!

The UI on the Mod itself is super nice, really easy to use and flexible. The only thing I would change at this point is actually the behvior of the menu button: You have to keep it pressed and then use your other hand to do anything. I personally would prefer that the menu button goes to the page it is showing now and stays there if you releasee it. Then you could press it again to go back. Just my 2 cents.


That’s a good point, I also found it slightly awkward to keep it pressed, especially when the other hand is busy holding an instrument :slight_smile:


@harryhaaren @maxman, there will be a Dwarf firmware build in the near future which almost entirely eliminates the delay for opening the menu.

@Stevie and @aspiers, thanks for starting the conversation on the menu button behavior, I opened up a thread where beta backers are asked to provide their input on the preferred behavior of the menu button. Let’s come to the best solution for the community!



great news!

I can confirm that the menu button delay (which was not huge for me anyway) is quite a bit less in build 2102. Great work!

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