Memory and CPU

As someone who has jut ordered a Dwarf I notice that the memory on the Dwarf is half that on the Duo X. Will this limit the pedalboards that can be used, or does the CPU tend to max out before memory, so not that important? Just curious really, not having used either yet! I appreciate the Dwarf is a cheaper cost so I don’t expect parity!


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CPU really maxes out before RAM, yes.

The web gui resources are not cached in device memory, but in the browser.

After the system is live, RAM usage doesn’t change much at all.
Plugins are typically a few kb in size, with a few at 1Mb or so, but these are not common.
The plugins that will use more RAM will be sample players and recorders.
For reference, 5 minutes of 32bit/float 48kHz stereo recording is around 110Mb


That’s pretty much what I was hoping to hear! Thank you.