MDX future?

After seeing a highly valued member of the community leave yesterday, I re-read the post and noticed there was unfavorable mention of the future of the MDX.

I suppose that I should ask if the MDX will continue to be worked on before I start dedicating my extra time towards MDX videos.

Is MOD only moving forward with the dwarf from now on?

As much as I like my dwarf, it is relegated to single plugin use. It get little use, as the MDX is a powerhouse for my personal needs.

If the MDX is not going to have a future in MOD audio (for however long that may be), I would be reticent to work on content for it, or keep it in my gear rotation.

It would be a wiser decision for my personal needs to sell off the MDX and snag an eventide H90 if the MDX is an extinct product :confused:


Firmware updates and new plugins will keep coming out for the DuoX. However production of this product is fully halted. In part by chip and parts shortages, but equally because the company currently needs focus in order to push Dwarf sales.

The DuoX is imo still the “flagship” product and really is the top-tier to showcase all that the platform can do. What we won’t immediately see is specific UX features. An example in the latest firmware is the distinction between factory and user pedalboards, which is only for the Dwarf.

The vast majority of features and plugins are available to the entire MOD platform and I expect this to be the case for quite some time.


Thanks for the info!

I am also of the opinion that the MDX is the flagship, I wish I would have snagged it to begin with.

As far as the videos go, I’m focusing on plugins, which shouldnt matter which unit is hosting. I just want to make sure I’m not gonna end up with a very cool paperweight at some point lol

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hey @Elk_wrath !.. i’m in total agreement that the MDX is the flagship model, even though i’ve only got an LE!

stil, i think it’s a worthy challenge to see what i can accomplish with the Dwarf… more is not always more! :wink:

cheers, buddy… you’ve been an inspiration around here!


Hey, Plutek!

The MDX just lets me handle stuff with my gear that the dwarf can’t.

I really hope that sometime down the road, MOD will be able to start producing the MDX again and keep getting more utility pumped out haha

Maybe a second hardware revision with more Audio I/O. 4 mono/2 stereo I/O would cover like 99% of my needs lol

I forgot its spring break, so I can’t record video until kids go back to school :frowning:

And those are kind words coming from someone of your caliber! I’ll have to trust you because I am a very harsh critic of myself and feel a bit out of place in the musician side of the community lmao

Hope all is well with you!


:crossed_fingers: :partying_face:

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I think you mean “fourth hardware revision”? (the production model was already rev3 iirc)

Different I/O would mean completely different product, imo. This would basically not be a DuoX at all except in name.

Until MOD Audio is a stable company that can fully cater its current product across the globe it doesn’t make much sense to really fantasize about future products. In several years time a redesign would likely need to use such completely different components that trying to fully recreate a DuoX would possibly be harder than starting from scratch.

Until then I’d prefer it that existing DuoX customers just receive software updates and possibly some matching new features that we see on Dwarf. That alone would already be a great accomplishment.




Dunno mate, I am a consumer who bought a product from a struggling company lol

I have no idea of how many revisions the products went through, and frankly I don’t actually care about that.

I understand the passion that the people who created these devices have. However, as a consumer who would like to continue supporting and using MOD devices, I was merely mentioning how it could be improved. Thats beating a dead horse though.

But you are correct, I shouldnt fantasize about what an idea product would be a perfect fit in my workflow to the people who create them.

If you are happy with the direction development is going for the “flagship” product, the that is great, and I’m happy for you lol

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The fact that the DuoX literally cannot be produced (certain component prices went up 10x - so imagine what a retail price would then look like) I think the current strategy of focusing 100% on production and sale of the Dwarf makes total sense.
(well maybe 99%, since we are also seeing some progress on the long awaited expression pedal!)

I’m maybe not “happy” about it, but I’d rather have a company that continues supporting the products already in the wild than one that goes under because it tries to produce more than is feasible.


Thanks @elk_wrath for raising this and @dreamer for answering pretty precisely.

What I can add on the positive side: I see a relief in scarce components. Some Duo X parts which I kept monitoring are available meanwhile, incl. one blocker with a spot market multiple of >100x early last year. This is very reassuring. Confirming all parts is quite some work though and honestly pointless right now.

The reason is that we cannot spread our resources thinner at this point in time. There were 3x more people at MOD when the Duo X was launched, and I believe it should have been more to do it properly alongside the other projects. If we divert our attention to the Duo X now, the Dwarf would terribly suffer - on marketing as well as engineering. The working capital need for a DUO X batch is a lot higher then with the Dwarf. And it was not part of the reboot budget in the first place.

The MOD Expression is a different case, as it’s targeted to the same audience as the Dwarf. We have as much pull from dealers as from the community. While it is a bit of a challenge mechanically, it’s also nowhere near the Duo X in terms of complexity and working capital needs. It’s by design more suitable for lower production quantities. The sad truth is, that we are moving very slow here, as we lack hands.

Tight constraints we have now might change as we are fundraising. The priority is to get the current more focused business well backed. Yet we are pitching both non-guitar segments as well as more powerful processors as an upside opportunity. Finishing a revision of the Duo X we had in the pipeline would be for sure the most short term option. And, if budget and amortization horizon allows, I’m sure we all here would not lack ideas for a MOD Giant designed from scratch.

Until we have the extra resources plus the suiting direction from those who provide them, we cannot execute any of this. I hope you understand.

Getting back to your original point @Elk_wrath: your videos are very inspiring and highly appreciated. All these pretty unique application likes yours let the MOD platform shine, regardless of the device used.


That’s perfectly understandable and I hope the dwarf helps you grow into a very stable company!

A commitment software updates to the platform and support of new plugins will keep me happy. I’ve hardly used my DuoX for various reasons but want that to change now.


Updates for new features when it comes to device screen (HMI) is likely not going to happen, but cool things like the new drag&drop plugin replacement should always make their way to the Duo X (it is exactly the same codebase running on all units in the end, would be more work to have it behave differently rather than the contrary).

For plugins it is even better because Duo X is more beefy, unlike the Duo where certain new plugins cannot work well there.
We often use Duo X units in the office when doing development and testing since they have a more beefy CPU.


Thanks, that is reassuring. Device UI probably most matters if used live without Web UI. Perhaps not so likely for many users?

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I have thought about this for a few days, mostly so I didn’t respond reflexively like my last post.

I apologize to you @dreamer, I let my frustration seep into my response, and I rarely allow that to happen here.

I also apologize to everyone else reading. We are all frustrated by something in this situation, my needs/wants aren’t of any great import in comparison to the company survival. I let my frustration get the better of me.

So, I suppose I should give you some context about why MOD is important to me as a user and “artist”.

MOD has done something for me that I haven’t experienced before.

It replaced all of my pedals. Strymon, dreadbox, Walrus, KMA, old blood noise endeavors, etc… and not only did it replace them, it gave me everything else I was curious about learning. For all intents and purposes, it cured a big part of my G.A.S. because all MOD needs is patience and I can do whatever I want.

That was the dwarf alone that did that. You can thank Ziv for his amazing demo. I sold my zoia and bought the dwarf.

It was the encouragement of the MOD team and community members that actually convinced me to continue to create. Not just that, but to share with others. A lot of the shit I make is terrible, or experimental, but the community accepts it. As someone who didn’t touch a musical instrument until Covid lockdowns, that encouragement fostered my desire to give back to you guys.

It was hard as fuck at first, fellas. Scary even. Sharing an expression of yourself with others takes a certain bravery that I didn’t know I had, and I wouldn’t have know without the encouragement received here from people who make stuff I can only listen to.

So I kept on working with it, and I work with it daily now.

It’s all the little things that are slowly building up, a bit of muscle memory with gear, a better understanding of audio itself.

Slowly my recordings got cleaner, hum/noise started vanishing, my mixing/gain staging improved, cable management, new patch ideas, sound design got more complex, my videos started getting higher “production” value, and my little youtube music journal has become more full.

I suppose I consider MOD to be my “origin story” and it wasn’t my intent. You guys let me share myself and accepted it with excitement. Most importantly, this company gave me a reason to keep improving. It jumped from audio, to video as well. Thats 2 skills I didn’t have before I met MOD.

So, thank you all. Every single one of you.

I am not the most knowledgeable, but I will say that almost everything I learned over the last few years was due to using a MOD device. I have tried my best to offer the knowledge I gained over the last few years. I’m actually pretty excited that I’ve caught a couple of bugs in the firmware for you, it makes me feel involved.

It got even better once I got my MDX in hand. That thing lets me turn strange/difficult gear into functional gear. The sheer power it offers is only let down by the lack of I/O. Of course I’m always going to advocate for an MDX2 (which I called revision rather than upgrade) down the road.

That being said, I do completely understand why its just not possible right now. You guys are already wearing too many hats as individuals.

I’m just incredibly apprehensive about the MDX and its future. It’s such a critical aspect of how I interface with audio and my hardware that I am not sure what could replace it. It’s a bit disheartening to hear that my prized pedal is going to lag behind the “budget” option. They weren’t the cheapest combo to buy lol

I, again, apologize for the way that I presented my thoughts earlier. Being frustrated isnt going to help anyone, nor did I think I’d voice a true complaint.

I love my MOD gear. Its terrible to set up, frustrating at times, horrible to work with on a touch screen, can’t control more than 1 device on the same screen, gets noisy, struggles with gain issues, underutilized power, and not enough I/O.

For all of those “Cons” the struggle is worth it, because for every annoyance there are at least 2-10 things it does right. I mean, I was able to turn that otomatone toy into something insane. I showed my buddy that video the other day and you should have seen his reaction lol. Sadly, he isnt a musician lol

In essence, my frustration doesn’t lie with you, or MOD even. It’s frustration I feel because I’m scared that the company that helped me find my identity is struggling. I think we all feel that in some way.

Take care of the Dwarf, so you can take care of the big boy later. All I can really request is that you do your best to keep the feature set comparable between both devices, which @dreamer did bring up.

Outside of that, let me know how to buy one of the expression pedals :wink:

Hope all is well with you all, apologies for my less than positive posting, and most importantly:

Thank you MOD team, and the MOD fam.



don’t be so sure! :wink:

the opportunity to have a purpose-built, performance-hardened, audio computing “appliance” on stage, instead of a computer, is exactly what attracted me to MOD right from the beginning of its journey as a company.

:clap: :clap: :clap:


you continue to give us all delight, inspiration, and things to learn, along with sensitive consideration of various questions and issues as they arise.

thankyou, @Elk_wrath; you’re a big part of this community!


I thought that originally too but found the little displays fiddly with the duo X controls once the board got complex. But I did not persevere much before it died and needed replacement! The options are well thought out.