MDX full lockup on transport


MDX freezes when transport is activated on OT2 while in various system settings. MDX is in network mode over USB, and has din midi in and out.

Video: MDX Bug report V1.13.1 - YouTube

MDX is fine if the track is already playing and the settings are opened, and only locks up when transport is restarted or started with either of the 3 settings open.

How to reproduce

  1. Connect OT2 midi out to MDX midi in
  2. Open MDX system settings
  3. Select input, output, or I/O processing and hit play on OT2 transport button.
  4. Observe loss of USB gui connection and all frozen hardware controls.

Expected/suggested solution

All other system settings are unaffected by transport. Settings affected: Input, Output, I/O Processing.

Additional information


  • release:

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: iPadOS
  • System version: 16.3.1
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Heey Elk_wrath, I’ve managed to reproduce this using Pocket MIDI instead of the OT2 so yes, there is a bug here. I will make a ticket for this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Thanks for looking into the issue for me!