Maximum input level of the MOD Dwarf

Searched for it on the wiki but just couldn’t find the max input level anywhere, how many dBu is it?

Can anyone help me? I’m not sure I’m understanding it wrong, but devices like Focusrite and Apollo audio interfaces have a Max. Input level that can be used to match the expected input signal an amp sim plugin recieves. That’s described in those videos:

I understand that those adjustments better fit the usage of a general purpose audio interface, and that the Mod Dwarf probably already accounts it, but I would like to find the best suited volume to record my captures using the Dwarf and to set my guitar input to a volume that matches the one that hit the amp during the capture.

My interest in this topic started when the captures I made using the NeuralRecord plugin are more distorted than what the amp sounded before recording, even with the input and output on 0db. I want to know if the problem is in the input gain of the signal that is hitting the capture or the output gain of the Dwarf reamped during the capture, maybe both lol.

Thanks for helping!

just as quick reminder: the NeuralRecord plugin doesn’t normalize the output. So it is very quiet (-20db) and resluts in poor models.

Have you read this doc by @LievenDV

For using the NeuralRecord nearly the same rule applies.
The TinyGain plug is your friend and should help you to control the level matching.

Other than that, the NeuralRecord plug applies Normalisation only when the record runs into clipping.

sure thing! But it has the same effect if I do it on the output using a DAW before training the model, right?