Max for Live to MOD?

Since there are a lot of interesting Max for Live devices and MOD devices can be build with Max is it possible to build a wrapper in that can hold Max for Live devices? The Live API would be decorated to the MOD API. I’m not a Max dev. Just asking.

I’m a Live user myself and have used a bunch of really cool M4L devices and agree it would be cool. I’m not very knowledgable about this topic though. I will say that I would imagine it could be quite complicated because many M4L devices interface with the actual features of Live, such as by creating and aranging clips in the session view. I really don’t know though

This is only possible for [gen~] objects in Max/MSP, not M4L.

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As for the Live API, it would of cause only make sense to decorate the audio and midi capabilities that are supported by MOD. It would give a reduced functiontionality of the M4L but that would be expected.

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I thought it would be a MOD deveice where you load a M4L device into it. Maybe two one for FX and for Instruments. If Max is not the capeable of creating such a wrapper, which dev environment would?

Sorry this doesn’t make any sense to me.

Max doesn’t run on MOD … so the only way is to export Max code as c/c++ … which is exactly what [gen~] does.

How about a wrapper object of M4L in Max and then export it with [gen~] ?

This does not make any sense, sorry.

Max is an interpreted programming language that is implemented as Max/MSP and runs in Ableton in the form of M4L.

[gen~] is an object in Max/MSP that can export its code to c/c++. This sub-object does not include the Max language, but rather has its own set of objects that can be exported.

What you are suggesting is not compatible with any of this :slight_smile:

I was just thinking, if I can open a M4L device in Live. How hard would it be to export the same device to MOD?

You should ask that to Cycling 74, which make M4L and Max itself. They were the ones that also did the “MOD watcher” application/extension, we simply offer a cloud builder as convenience for building the plugins.

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This is only for [gen~] objects, it has nothing to do with running the Max language and especially not with M4L.

But indeed, if you want to run M4L on other platforms take it up with its developer.

There is nothing we can do about it, Max and M4L are proprietary products that are limited by their proprietor.

(However I think running an interpreted language like that inside MOD is a bad idea. Even if it would ever work, it would have poor performance)

I understand. I was just dreaming away. :ghost:
Thank you for clarifying.


I just wrote to Cyclyng74. let’s see what they respond.


Cycling74 says: