Matchless DC30 Models

Previously, I put together a couple of Vox AC-30 models at the edge-of-breakup using the Helix. I’ve done the same thing with the Matchless DC30 models. These are also all-in-one models so no cab sim or IR is needed.

The Channel 1 models are brighter. One of them is cleaner and one of them is more dirty. You can adjust the gain in the AIDA plugin though. The Channel 2 one is darker and more punchy.

Matchless DC30 Ch1 Clean.json (53.6 KB)
Matchles DC30 Ch1.json (81.2 KB)
Matchless DC30 Ch2.json (53.7 KB)


I’ve tested them yesterday - IMO one of the best tones from all profiles! Thanks!!