Mark Acoustic - Acoustic Amp (AC 101) Ch.1

This is the Mark Acoustic (Mark Bass, Mark Audio etc.) AC 101 model on channel 1. Acoustic guitar amplifier but works well for Jazz guitar too. Channel 1 is particularly suitable for instruments with piezos or pickups.
AC 101 - Ch1.json (53.6 KB)


YES! Finally an acoustic amp on a Mod device! I haven’t gotten around to learning to train just yet, but I’ve got a different acoustic amp I plan to train, as well as plans to make IRs of its speakers.

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I point out that even in this case it is without a cabinet, and it doesn’t mean that it can’t go well even like this.

Oh, I wasn’t criticizing your capture; only outlining the plans I had for my own—it was more a sharing out of excitement than a claim of superior modus operandi.


I never thought yours was a criticism. I simply forgot to write that I only cloned the preamplifier.