Map snapshot to one of the switches (Dwarf)

Hi guys, there’s a way to map a snapshot to switch B or C of the Dwarf?

I’m thinking a way to have multiple pages of snapshot (for example pg.1 Switch B Snapshot 1 - Switch C Snapshot 2 / pg.2 Switch B Snapshot 3 - Switch C Snapshot 4) instead of scrolling through every single snapshot to find what i need.



That’s not possible but that would be great!
But you can use a midi footswitch and send program change to load a snapshot, that’s possible.


As Julien says, midi could do this easily.

So if you :

  • add a midi plugin (the infamous mindi - MOD Devices) that send a PC-5 message (for example) to the midi output
  • cross the checkbox of the new “Virtual MIDI Loopback” option to send every midi message getting out of the moddevice back in it (like if it was another midi input)
  • you can assign a footswitch to the midi plugin and name it “snapshot 5”
    I think you get what you asked, a bit triky though !

Thanks rom I forgot this can be done in the box.


Thanks guys for the suggestions!

I’m trying to use the “virtual midi loopback” method.

When I check the “Virtual MIDI Loopback” option I notice that now I have two midi out ports. Does it means that one is for the physical midi output and the other is for the internal midi loopback?

Another question: can I use both the Virtual MIDI Loopback and the midi out of the dwarf?


Yes, exactly !

Yes, you can also aggregate the two if you don’t need to send different things in each output


Sorry guys but I can’t seem to do this thing :sweat_smile:

  • I created a simple pedalboard with a distortion and a reverb, than I saved 3 snapshot to make the test.

  • I checked the “Virtual midi loopback” box in the Midi options

  • I loaded the “infamous mindi” plugin

  • I’ve set the message type to program change, the channel to 1 (Is the channel that I set in the Dwarf’s midi menu for the snapshot)

  • I connected the “infamous mindi” in the pedalboard’s lower midi out port

If I turn off and on the midi plugin nothing seems to change at the moment…

Am I skipping something?

Thanks for the help guys :muscle: :+1:


On the image you’ve set the message 127, if you want to load the snapshot 3 you have to set the set the PC message to 3. Does it help ?

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I’ve made it! :v:
Still don’t understand technically how :sweat_smile:

I’ve set the “infamous mindi” as so:

  • Channel: 0
  • Message type: Program Change
  • Value: 127 or 0 (doesn’t change anything)
  • Note/CC/PG Number: here, as I change the number, I’m able to change snapshot!

So to complete the test I loaded another infamous mindi, I set it to the snapshot 2 and I mapped the “on/off” switch (in the “momentary on” mode) to my Dwarf.

Now I have snapshot 1 on the footswitch B and snapshot 2 on the footswitch C and so on!


If you have other suggestions or other ways to do this thing better it will be great to try it!

Thank you for your help :v:


If you want to jump into a specific snapshot, this is really the best way.


Because when you only change the value message from 0 to 127 it doesn’t change the PC message but only its value. But if you change the PC message from 1 to 2 it will be considered.
Don’t know if I’m clear…


I just successfully tried this approach.
What should be noted:

  1. “infamous mindi” Channel Number setting starts with 0!! So there’s an offset of one to the MOD’s MIDI channel for receiving PC messages.
    Channel 0@mindi will control Channel 1
    Channel 1@mindi will control Channel 2
    and so on…
  2. “infamous mindi”'s buttons toggle between on/off instead of acting momentary.
    So if I program 2 buttons, one for Verse and one for Chorus, I need to disable/switch off each one after a single use in order to prepare it for the next use.

Please forget about it.
The Advanced settings of a button have the required options for “latching” and “momentary”! :+1: :+1: