Makes me think

Interesting to see how JHS is on its way to sell 20 000 $99 Notaklon pedals (Ikea style DIY build Klon Centaur clones) just a few days after the official release…

$99 for a very basic circuit that you have to build yourself (ok, that’s part of the fun).

Now comparing this with the price I paid for a so much more complex piece of engineering like the Dwarf… Or even with the value I got from spending the 150€ worth of vouchers (including all the wonderful specially curated AIDA-X based amp sims now sitting firmly on any of my pedalboards).

Guitar world is a very strange place.


The world is a very strange place :wink:

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what you can get with a little bit of marketing and a track record of 10 years of building great pedals and releasing videos that are fun and insightful. And staying humble. Oh well and…form follows function.


I really like JHS videos and their approach to things. I think they are really good at marketing too (in the right sense, as their videos are indeed fun, but also educating, and busting a lot of the guitar myths nonsense).

So I can only be happy for them for the success of their notaklon. I think it’s a super nice Christmas present for someone into old style pedals. It’s just that… the dwarf already has a perfectly nice klon plugin.


I think the Notaklon is not about the pedal itself. It is much more than that, from experience to the feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the dismistification effect it also brings. The black goo is such a nice touch :slight_smile:


Lol, I hadn’t even seen that! The “golden ticket” for $1500 store credit is a bit cheeky too …

The Klon emulation in MOD is great! but for such guitar heads there’s nothing like the analog thing (and since Klon pedals go for ridiculous prices, it nice to see a significant production run of these as well).

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I think the klon is overrated. I like to play with the Bad Monkey from digitech.

You mean the analog thing WITH THE GOOP (which protects from cosmic neutrinos background noise by adding a delicate layer that slows them down just right)

Should MOD add a bit of GOOP to the Dwarf to reduce the digital coldness ?


wait… you didn’t goop yours already? Please fix :laughing: