Make pedalboard list alphabetical (would be nice)

When I make pedalboards, I save as I go. Sometimes I come up with weird stuff I like only later to realize I ruined some key element of my pedalboard in the process, so I revert to an older version.

Then I make a ‘final’ version. Well, a final v1, final v2, final v3, etc. etc.

Eventually I want to view my pedalboards and delete all the ones I no longer need, but they are never in alphabetical order. I always add a $ to the beginning of the name, so I can easily search for my pedalboards, but then it’s a non-alphabetical mess, and hard to tell which ‘version’ was the most recent vs older ones I should delete.

This seems like a simple request to make the listing alphabetical, it’s probably easier to do than list them by date last edited?


It would be better if Mod Audio gave us options.
Date made. Alphabetical order, numerical order, etc, etc
If you’re going to start to include these options, you might as well do it right and completely do it right the 1st time.


I think the MODdevices don’t have time, but it could be by order :

  • of building (if there is an auto-increment number in the database)
  • of saving (if there is an auto-increment number for each save in the database)

In my case I always name the pedalboard with the date as this for today : 23-11-09 - My super pedalboard

Isn’t it the case already ? I thought the pedalboards were ordered by : symbols 1st, then numbers, and alphabet

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Definitely not for me - in either the list or large block view. Samename v1, Samename v2 are not next to each other.

Mine appear alphabetically as well. I assume we’re talking about the web-based UI and not the Dwarf’s HMI.

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Mine are all over the place. Maybe I’m an idiot but the sort scheme seems to be “chaos”

Mine are all over the place too - and I’m talking about the web-based UI.
I have a mod duo x - not sure if that matters, probably doesn’t.