Major Scales

Hi there.
I got my Mod Duo X recently and have been enjoying building various setups.
I wanted to try out some of the midi tools and came across The MIDI Enforce Scale and Midi Chord by Robin Gareus.
However with both plugins i only see Major Scales in the dropdown menu. Anyone been able to use other scales, like Minor?

i thought about the same and created a corresponding issue.
this plugin is not made by mod-team, but by @x42. he might consider adding moreā€¦

cheers max

Humm, if all scales would be there, dropdown menu would be very long for nothing.
Use a C Major scale for an A minor, there are the sames keys. The same for Mixolydian, Phrygian modes, there is always a corresponding scale.

This is more problematic for harmonic minor scales or other particular scales.

I can see the problem with the dropdown menu ending up being massive, but it also seems a bit wierd only to include the major scale.
Maybe an option to switch between scale modes, instead of them all being in the dropdown menu would work.