Mad props to the Shiro Developer

Idk who you are, and I don’t know where you are at, but I’ll have you know I have a particular set of skills….

Just kidding.

I want to give you kudos for the amazing plugins. I’ve made a “shiro” board and have been using your sounds exclusively on some of my recordings.

You make a blade runner patch sound amazing!

Short sample from something I’m working on, but best believe I load my blade runner patch and your plugins as soon as my stuff connects.

Nothing better than listening to it while I’m prepping to create.

Thanks for your hard work! I love your plugins!


@SHIRO-Plugins is the amazing guy you want to ping :slight_smile:


Thank you for that!

@SHIRO-Plugins this post is for you!

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Shiro is Universal Audio-grade stuff. Way to go, @SHIRO-Plugins.


Seems like you are up to some new great stuff @Elk_wrath :wink:
I’m curious to see your “blade runner patch”. Is it all from the Dwarf? It would be great if you share your pedalboard with us :wink:

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Thanks João!

And the main patch is from my hydrasynth.

Today I’m gonna create a quad shimmer reverb with some independent delays on each input channel and see what comes out lol

If I shared the boards I use, I think you’d be disappointed at how simplistic I make my boards. I don’t think I even tap 50% of the processor.

I have been experiencing some random CPU spikes though. I’m currently investigating that, but so far I believe the issue is with the gain plug-ins. I’m gonna keep troubleshooting the issue though


Thanks for the big compliments @Elk_wrath and @QuestionMarc! I love hearing what people create using the plugins. This surely sounds like a good combination.

Since we’re giving out compliments on my turn I’d have to thank MOD for the platform and the time took late 2015 to get stuff like this running @falkTX @gianfranco :wink:


I doubt that. I already crossed my life stage where I thought that more means better :wink:

Let us know more about that when you can.


@jon I will let you know for sure.

Yesterday I built the pedalboard I wanted to use.

A wall of sound!

I ended up using 2 delays, with one on each input, spaced the delay at 1/4 and 1/8 beats respectively, then fed that into the Shiro Phantom Zone.

That is being run in parallel to 4 Shiroverb MK.2 also in parallel.

Similar decay parameters, but the octave shifting is -1 oct, -5th, +5th, and +1 oct. each of those has a different low cut point.

All of these plugins have a 6 DB gain on the inputs and it is glorious. The dwarf itself is 80% output with 35% gain input (sounds remarkably high, but is crystal clear with no clipping)

I’m gonna tinker with the board to get some more separation of the reverbs, but it is an absolute blast to hammer on.

Surprisingly, less than 50% CPU usage most of the time.

Listening to the recording, this should be 100% wet noise. Since I use sends for the dwarf, I max out the wet signal as I have a clean dry signal being recorded by my mixer.

Give me a few minutes to record the full sound and make a video so I can share it.

Here is the video: “Anesthesia Sound Wall” pedalboard sound check - YouTube

I use a massive amount of gain plug-ins to work as a simple “mixer”

I’ll be refining this pedalboard later today (I hope) and dialing exactly the sound I want from it, but left the plugins in the off chance that someone needs them. Simple delete and dropping the cables again if they are unnecessary.


Yup. I was just talking to a buddy about how amazing the Shiro stuff is! Nice work, BTW! Sounds incredible!


Super nice sounds that you got here man! Congrats

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