LV2 questions


I haven’t found a forum especially for LV2 development - so sorry for my noise here.

Perhaps one of the LV2 experts can give me an answer for this: If I have a LV2-synth-plugin and want to organize the different sounds as filenames (because I have no LV2 control ports for all the parameters) - how can I do this?

An example: I want to keep a list of filenames in my presets.ttl and choose one of them as sound. The plugin should load the sound data (e.g. a sample or a configuration file) from this file. How to arrange this? Is there an example online where I can take a look at?

Thanks, Holger

I have a plugin that loads preset files that you can reference. Ask if something doesn’t make sense.

There are no forums but there is a developer mailing list and an #lv2 IRC channel on freenode.

Hi @ssj71

many thanks! I will take a look a this.

Regards, Holger

Hi fam,

I have one question here about LV2 Plugins:

I’m guessing that LV2 plugins have to be compiled or somehow ported to the Mod Device format in order to be compatible? I have no idea how to do that stuff, but just seeking clarification. Thank you.

Yes, you need to target each device individually.
This is done with GitHub - moddevices/mod-plugin-builder: MOD Plugin Builder, which basically cross-compiles stuff for you (in a toolchain that matches 99% what is running inside the units)