LP3 : Select both tracks + Display used slots

Hi @looperlative,

I use your plugin almost everyday and I’ve been thinking about a feature I miss from the Boss RC500 : the ability to select both tracks, which allows to play and stop them at the same time (recording and overdubbing could be disabled in this configuration).

In the RC500, this is accessible by a long press on the Track button. In the LP3, I’m thinking about 2 interesting possibilities :

  • the same : long press on the Track button
  • double tap on the Track/Part button

Both of them is also a possibility.

I have another request about a way to see if a save slot is empty or used (on the Web UI and on the device’s screen). I’m thinking about bold characters for the used slots. I don’t know if this needs programming in the OS.

Best regards.

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This is certainly possible and I’ll take a look at this.

Here I get hindered by the OS. I’ll examine this and see what the possibilities are.