LP3 mapped Loop button shows incorrect state with WebGUI open

@looperlative I was just playing around and noticed a problem with a device-mapped Loop button. I have the Loop mapped to one of the switches. With a track recorded and the switch label displaying Playing I picked up my bass to try out a melody and was surprised to hear it overdubbed when the track looped. After a minute and few Undo I realized that in the WebGUI it was showing Overdubbing while the switch displayed Playing. Hitting the switch would change to Playing in the UI, Overdub on the switch. The UI was always showing the actual state, it seems like the switch label was out of sync.


The switch shows what the switch will do if you press it. This is consistent with switch labels. Use the LED on the device to tell you what state you are currently in.


Makes sense, thank you for the reply. In my defense, it was past my usual bedtime when I reported this.