LP3 load audio/loop

There is a load button on the LP3, but clicking it does nothing. I have loaded a file in the file manager, which works fine in the audio player. Does anyone know how to get it to load into the LP3? And then add another instance (LP3) and have them synced?


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The Load Track feature only works with audio that the plugin has saved, and the LP3 has its own storage system. The LP3 plugins are very high quality, and the developer has been very active and positive in the community here. This is meant as constructive feedback, because I also wish the plugin integrated with the File Manager and I think it would make the plugin much more useful in the context of making demos, exporting content for production in other tools, and importing stems and backing tracks as a few examples.


Thanks for letting me know. I would write Bob directly, but I know he’s pretty busy. The LP3 is great. I also own an LP1, which is the hardware version.

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