LP 3 behaviour with snapshots

Hi @looperlative,
I have a weird issue with the LP3 when I change snapshots: On specific ones the rec button gets activated starting to record when switching snapshot. If a loop is playing its deleted when the snapshot is activated, always the same ones.
I’ve tried renaming, resaving, moving the snapshots around on the list, but the problem persists. I’m using the B/C buttons for navigating the snapshots, so there shouldn’t be any external MIDI messages.
Any ideas, please let me know.

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This isn’t about external MIDI messages. My guess is that the LV2 inputs are getting toggled during the snapshot change. I’ll take a look, but there may not be anything that can be done from the plug in.


Great, thanks!

Unfortunately there is no way to exclude plugins from the snapshot - loading a snapshot sets every plugin into the exact state it was in when the snapshot was saved.
The Looper and the recorder are good examples of plugins where this is usually not wanted…
There are already feature requests on this forum concerning this.

One possibility to cope with this situation:
After saving the snapshots as needed, remove the LP3 from the pedalboard and then add a new instance of that plugin (not saving any snapshots again).
Since that new instance was not part of the snapshot, it will not be changed by switching snapshots.

Hope this helps…


I think I read about that feature request somewhere, it makes sense now. Thanks for sharing your insights, I’ll give it a try. If I understand you correctly, I can save the pedalboard with the new instance of LP3 to cope with the situation, just not saving the actual snapshot?
In my setup I have several networks terminating at the LP3, a permanent solution would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,

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It’s a workaround rather than a solution, but still much better than deleting the loops when switching snapshots…


Yes, much better… Thanks for sharing!

Hi @Casanunda
just confirming your solution works, forever grateful! Thanks!