Lowest input device still distorts

HI everybody !

im still having problems with the AIDA modeler.

I dont know if it´s the dwarf, the aida’s or me lol

in Dwarfs settings im having the lowest input gain and im still having distortion at the output , so i can’t play comfortably to complete dynamics…
of course i tried to low the output gain but,as it need to be too low —to get rid off distortion— i have to compensate in the preamp input gain stage getting a poor noise signal ratio :frowning:

any tips , any help?

all the best !

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Does this happen with all models in the AIDA?



There is a Level Meter plugin: Level Meter - MOD Audio

You can connect multiple meters along the chain. I normally monitor:

  • what is coming inside the Dwarf - meter connected to Inputs on the left of the Web GUI
  • what is coming inside AIDA - output of last plugin before AIDA
  • what is coming outside AIDA - plugin output
  • what is coming outside the Dwarf - output of the last plugin of the chain

with that info we can see what is happening and where the problem might be


Gianfranco ! thanks for the answers

i did it as you said and the dBs are doing healthy low measured with those meter plug ins

the only thing that remains it’s that the AIDA model that i trained it too heavy for dwarf cpu and that could be the issue :thinking: