Loving the CC value range option!

The new feature where you can set CC ranges in the MIDI learn has really expanded the possibilities with the MOD Duo - as well as setting CC ranges (so you can feed signal into parallel effects paths without having to construct elaborate gain structure chains) you can also set two different setting for a particular parameter and toggle between them - I’m finding this really useful with the MDA Leslie simulator, where toggling between the two can be made to glide between them, like a real leslie, rather than just immediate switching. Same goes for pitch ranges on the pitch shifting pedals… All kinds of fun to be had! Will create a board demonstrating some of this and share it soon :slight_smile:


I haven’t had time to explore this. I have to learn how to get the expression pedal to work with my SoftStep.
Are you using an expression pedal? What kind?

I’ve got a Roland EV-5 - works great! :slight_smile:

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You plug that into the SoftStep?


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I got the expression pedal to work through the SoftStep. I save the pedalborad But if I re-start the Duo or change pedalboards and come back the expression pedal isn’t assigned any more.
Are you having the same issue? Am I doing something wrong?
Other buttons assigned on the Softstep is fine…

Okay… So I figured out it is the plugin. I am using the expression pedal on the crossfade plugin.
I got it to save and recall for a gain plugin… So it must be something with the plugin…

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