Loss of a saved value when it's assigned to something

Hi everyone ! I recently joined the MOD community by the aquisition of the new Dwarf wich I already love for its versatility and the ease of programming on the GUI.

I quicly found some topics on the forum that helped me with the first issues I encountered, but there is one problem that I haven’t solved yet.
I bet the topic already exists on the forum, I apologies for that, but my English seems too limited to find it.

The problem I have appears when I assign a knob to an effect parameter. When I save my pedalboard and the settings of my effects, then turn it OFF and ON, the knob is still assigned to the right parameter but the value of it go back to something that seems to be the “default” one.
For exemple, I’ve assigned all the gains of a parametric eq to the knobs of the Dwarf, so that I can start from a setting I’ve saved to adapt it with the acoustics of the places where I will perform. But every time I turn the pedal ON my eq is back to a completly flat setting. I use the same plugin on the second channel for wich I don’t need to assign anything and it keeps its setting perfectly saved. So I suppose the problem is related to the assignement of some parameters.

Did anyone encountered this ?

Thanks a lot for your time !

Are you using pedalboard snapshots?
When those are enabled, the 1st snapshot is always loaded regardless of last saved values.

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Thanks falkTX, for your really quick answer !
No, I didn’t make snapshots save, what is the difference between de snapshots and the “Save” icon on the right of “new pedal board” ?
Anyway, I did save using snapshots and it seems to work for the parametric EQ. It doesn’t go back to a flat EQ anymore, thanks a lot !
I still have the tempo mode of the Bollie delay that goes back to “mod/host” instead of the tap mode I want it to keep, but this is not that annoying as it takes me a few seconds to fix it manualy.
Thanks again for your Help !


Problem finally resolved at 100% !
I must have missed something doing the first snapshot.
I saved my pedalboard under another name, verified all my settings and assignations, then do the snapshot saving thing. Now, all my pedalboard keeps perfectly its settings and values.
Thanks again, I have my first gig with the Dwarf tomorrow and I am now pretty confident about it !


Hi, how did the concert go and how did the Dwarf behave?

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Yep! If you have even some sort of video would be awesome

Hi, the concert went pretty well. My guitar equa was waaaay to strong on the low frequencies but I could easily fixed it, using the knobs of the Dwarf without the need of the laptop.

Now I need to get some additional footswitches to fully exploit the machine and have direct access to every sounds. For now the “pages” system is hard to use with the drum kick I play with my right foot and the loopstation (Boss RC50) on the left of the Dwarf. (I can’t wait to use the looperlative looper)

Anyway, I had absolutely the sound I wanted without any undesired noises. (I use 2 DI boxes with “ground lift” fonction on the Dwarf’s outputs to fix any mass problem)

I didn’t film or record anything from the concert but I’ll try to do it soon.


Glad to know that your concert was a success and that the Dwarf did the job :slight_smile:

You can always get a MOD Footswitch or connect a MIDI controller

No worries. We can’t wait to watch/listen that :wink: