Losing Network - Dwarf

I’m running a Dwarf, with latest firmware.
I’m connecting from my Macbook using USB.
Upon boot (after some seconds) I am able to navigate to moddwarf.local and do my stuff.
After a time (varying from a few minutes to nearly an hour) I get the Disconnected Icon and when I press reload it fails. At the same time I am no longer able to ping the Dwarf.
Unplugging/Replugging the USB does not resolve the issue, neither does connecting via Bluetooth (I can connect but see no network).
I’ve tried running a continious ping to make sure the Dwarf is still awake, but this does not stop the problem from happening.
I’m at a loss as to how to capture any error logs as I have to power cycle the Dwarf to get an SSH terminal up again.
Suggestions as to how to resolve this welcome!


I have been experiencing a massive amount of disconnects on my system too. I’m using an iPad for my MOD recording setup. The MDX disconnects so often that the first thing I do is make assignments on hardware before it disconnects.

Mine usually reloads, but I’ll sometimes have 15 reloads in 40 minutes, which is aggravating to work around.

I wonder if its related to your issue.

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I wonder if this is an iOS/iPadOS/MacOS issue, as I’ve not seen this under linux at all.


Hmmm … a possibility I guess. I’ll have a go with my Linux laptop and see if it behaves differently.

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Thats what I’m wondering as well.

A recent MacOS update absolutely broke my apple apps. I can’t even get final cut to load.

My iPad was updated not too long ago, but I can’t confirm if it was the update as I can’t recall the exact date I started recognizing the issue