Loose input connection

Has anyone else experienced a loose input connection. I was playing last night and the sound kept cutting out. I thought it was my guitar cable, so I got another one and the same thing happened. When I wiggled the connection at the input side, it would come back on. I’ve only had it a week and would hate to have to send it back for repair already. I was just really getting into it.


Hey Bruce this seems weird and possibly something happened during the shipping since we carefully check each single unit before shipping.
It can hopefully be the case that it unscrewed during the shipping due to the temperatures and you can screw it back.

Anyway I would suggest you to reach out on support@moddevices.com for us to better follow up what is happening with your device. Any pictures or videos may help us a lot as well as the serial number of your device.

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Thanks Jon.

I’ll check those things. I did test the nut where it plugs in and it seemed pretty tight. I also was using it with a pedalboard that I downloaded from the forum, John Petrucci I think or someone with a similar name. I didn’t go back to one of the pedalboards that come with it, so maybe that would make a difference. I don’t know if there was a noisegate on the pedalboard, but it didn’t seem like that was the case because it wasn’t sounding when I played louder. I also haven’t ruled out guitar or cables. I’ll try a different guitar and other cables tonight when I get home.

On another note, I’m loving the device and the community! Very excited to get more time and experience with it!



Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

Ok, so I believe that your issue is plugin-related. That particular pedalboard (great by the way!) uses two plugins that we already mapped as problematic on the MOD Dwarf and are trying to get fixed.
I would suggest you try other pedalboards.

You have noise gat plugins and soon there will be one built-in on the device. Comming on the next OS version :wink:

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This is a relief to hear. I will switch to other pedalboards. I suspect that is the case though. I didn’t have any issues before trying the downloaded pedalboard.


Some plugins are premium and run in demo mode if you don’t own them.

The demo behaviour is to have a few seconds of silence periodically :slight_smile:

It could be a Pedalboard you’ve downloaded includes a premium plugin.

If none of the built in boards have a similar issue this is likely to be the cause.

@jon maybe one for the feature requests: have a way of making it clear that there is a demo plugin on the board and expect intermittent silence till it’s been purchased?


@jon and @danmh

I am very happy to report that it was in fact the downloaded pedalboard, which is too bad because I really liked the sound he got from it. He included two IR files on his post and I could see where they were supposed to go, but couldn’t figure out how to upload them. I think my next project is to go watch as many tutorials as possible. I feel like such a newbie! Probably because I am. I love learning new stuff though.

Thanks again!


Glad you were able to figure out this issue!

These beta plugins will eventually become stable and become full releases on the store.

So potentially the board you’re using will be 100% stable down the road.

When you begin building your boards, stick with the stable plugins and you’ll have a great time.

Enjoy the MOD experience, and welcome to the community!


Actually we are already talking about that. I will map it anyway for “pressure proposes” haha :wink:
By the way, actually that is correct @Bruce_McLEAN, I know that the Titan is on this pedalboard and that is a payed plugin.


Take a look on this page.
On the “Mode selector” section of your main WebGUI window, you have a File manager where you upload files.

P.S.: that wiki page needs an update!

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