Loopop Review Feature Ideas

I rewatched loopop’s mod dwarf review recently and was drawn to a few of the suggestions he made over the course of the video. I did a cursory search of the forum and haven’t found any of these recommendations addressed, so here goes:

  1. Ratings and Download stats for community pedalboards and/or plugins

This seems like a great way to help newer members gain their footing quickly

  1. CV output drag to affected parameter

By dragging a CV output to the parameter/s it is to affect, the number of clicks would be greatly reduced

  1. Automatic rerouting for additional plugins dragged onto existing cables

That one is pretty self-explanatory.

Again, just a heads up, these are not my ideas, but I think they’re valid. And I apologize if they’ve been brought up before. I’m still getting used to searching the forum effectively.


@Avery_Devine This is a cool post! Thanks for that. This is what the forum is made for: All ideas and thinkings should be reported here. So, do not apologize, this is a cool post!


No apologises needed, yet a “thank you” for the heads up is :slight_smile: as @Kim said, this is a cool and important post.

Some of the requests were somehow discussed on other topics. Anyway, I mapped them :wink:


This seems to be a no brainer (technical difficulties besides).

At the moment we have 2 completely disjointed ways to handle connections.

Cable drag and drop for audio/midi. Menu driven selection for CV to parameter.

It makes sense to unify the system, or, even better, to provide both ways for all types of connections (I can see situations where a traditonal point and click interface could be better than drag and drop).