Looperlative: visual feedback on controlchain FS

Hey @looperlative,
Thanks for amazing plugin!
I tried controlling LP3 from MOD footswtich today. 4 more buttons to play with! But looks like trade-off is all the visual feedback :frowning:
When mapped to dwarf itself, it shows the status and track/part on the screen and LED colors work great. On FS - just static “LOOP” word and LEDs always dark.
I’m not sure if this is bug or FR and can this be fixed in plugin, but would be so great to have the footswitch fully supported!


This is not the plug-in at fault. Unfortunately, the foot switch doesn’t support the HMI functionality. Perhaps somebody from MOD can explain why this is.

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I’ve the same problem here. It’s missing some visual feedback on modfootswitch.

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But when some other control is mapped to FS (e.g. preset list → assign all), it updates the display as expected and option to cycle LED colors works (the later - after FS firmware update). So control chain can do this. It’s probably the matter of exposing some API to the plugin, @falkTX ?

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The plug-in already has an API that it uses to control display and LEDs. That set of HMI APIs would need to be able to work with the foot switch and that is the piece that is missing. @falkTX knows the reason as we’ve talked about it before.