Looperlative Save Track not working

Hi @looperlative,

Looks in my Mod Dwarf with the last revision, the Save Track is not working anymore. Neither from the device itself or the Mod-UI. I’m not sure since when it stop working… But recording loops and loading previus saved Tracks still works in my unit. Is this a bug? or something in my Unit?

On the other hand, I’ve seen in the File Manager is it possible to download or delete saved tracks (SAVEx.DAT and a Track1-1.DAT). Is it possible to play or edit these files in a normal PC??


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I’ll check and see if save is working for me.

As for the .DAT files, it is possible. The first 512 bytes of the file is a header. The remainder of the file is 32-bit floating point stereo PCM data.


@fer I checked and save is working. However, if disk space goes too low, it will stop saving. On the UI, you can select file manager and it will say how much space is left. Can you tell me what your unit has left?


The file manager shows 3.19/6.40 GiB…

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And the audio recordings/looperlative/lp3-mod-basic was over 200MiB. After I delete some recordings and went below 200MiB, save is working again.

So thanks @looperlative for your support

Also with your info I was able to convert the recordings to wav. Great!


Let me go look at where I have the limit set. You clearly have plenty of storage. I should probably up the limit.