Looperlative request

Hey there, @looperlative!

The LP3 basic has an amazing feature set!

Unfortunately, I am not much of a live looper, and want to use the looper for a special project using sequencing.

For the board I am working on, I need a looper that can accept CV control assignments to momentary on switches (Rec/Dub/Reset/ Etc…).

Is there a chance that this feature can be added to the plugin?

I was thinking of sending CV pulse from the internal sequencers to automate lp3’s record/reset/direction/speed parameters.

It would open up a lot of new avenues for sound design.



CV is new to me. So, I’ll have to learn it to add it. I’m happy to do so, but it may take me some time. In the meantime, could you use MIDI control instead?


Thanks for looking into it!

Midi would work perfect as well, the ultimate goal is to use the internal sequencers to automate the pedal.

I would very much like to use your LP3 pedal as a core part of my board :slight_smile:

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