Looperlative LP3 One

Now in the Beta Store is the new Looperlative LP3 One. This is free version of the LP3 that still offers superior features such as MIDI sync, host sync, feedback control, and multi-level undo/redo. While not a replacement for the LP3 Basic, the LP3 One does offer an easier step into looping.


Is this unavailable for the DUO? I love looping even though I am really bad at it.

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Unfortunately, the Duo doesn’t support the HMI features needed for loop status.

Its all good, had to ask. My DUO has PLENTYYYYY of life left. It’s the background of my effects for my synths. Thanks


@steev Honestly, I would love to port to the Duo, but without the HMI interface, you would be forced to have a screen with the MOD GUI to know what state you are in the looper. That seemed a bit too restrictive since the whole point is that you can detach the device and put it on your pedal board.

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Thanks @looperlative for making your great looping engine more accessible with this free and simpler choice.

I know many live loopers here own the LP3 Basic. We would be glad if you can give it a try anyways, so we get some more test coverage in order to push it to stable soon.


Plugin has been moved to stable :tada:


Is it this same with DuoX?

Duo X production units have all the needed features.

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Hey is it possible to use several of these? I always get an error when I wanna load in a second one…

Sorry, no, only one can be used per board.


Ok thanks!