Looperlative in the light of the MOD reboot

Everyone, Looperlative is still committed to supporting the MOD platform. In fact, I’ve been expanding the capabilities here to provide a new version. Release plans will be determined after MOD is able to discuss future distribution and how it will work. I will continue to support the Dwarf and the DUO X. I can build for the DUO, but it doesn’t support any of the HMI features which makes it fairly difficult to use on that platform.

More information after I am able to chat with MOD>


Thats great news as still struggling with button behaviour on my dwarf . Fingers crossed the update helps


Button behavior is likely still a MOD problem. I’ve made the offer to debug it, but haven’t heard anything from them.


There were quite a few pending/open topics, though I wonder if starting fresh is better now…

Once things are a bit less chaotic we should resume the talks. But I will wait on @friedsilence for dealing with the contractual things first anyway.


As an update, things are moving along well with MOD. There are some plans in place product-wise and MOD is enabling me to help locate bugs in MOD software related to Looperlative software. All-in-all this should help to resolve any quirks that remain.


Great to see plugin store finally back and have a chance to play with looperlative trial. (was just about to do that, when this insolvency thing happened) . Now the question is how to purchase? I see some other trials have price and “add to cart” option, but not looperlative. Is it coming?


some bureaucracy steps still in progress, we are waiting for those to be finalized as it blocks us from proceeding.

note that there is a small chance a MOD OS update is needed in order to be able to buy plugins, still unclear at this point.


I can’t speak for MOD, but I know that we’ve been busy dealing with paperwork. Nothing out of the ordinary. So, I expect the paperwork should be completed soon.