Looperlative gets "stuck"

Hey, I’ve been enjoying playing with my brand new Dwarf and digging into Looperlative. Having mapped the two multipurpose toggles to the foot switches, everything seems to work pretty well for a while but I seem to get it into a “stuck” state with some regularity.

I haven’t figured out the exact sequence of events, but after recording, undoing, and erasing tracks and parts, the plugin gets into the “stopped” state with both parts of both tracks empty, but none of the buttons makes it start recording a new part.

In another instance, I’ll end with a part recorded in say track 1 part B, and none of the buttons will switch it back to part A.

I believe sometimes hitting the audio “load” button (from the web ui) will get it partially unstuck, but I’m not quite sure. Only reloading the whole pedalboard seems to fix it fully. Is there another way to “reset” the looper without needing to reload the pedalboard?

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What if you use ERASE?

I assume that you are using the latest software, but make sure that there are no updates available.

Finally, if you can determine a sequence that gets you to this state, I may be able to duplicate here.