Looper pedal you can use live?

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to set up a looper for live use with only the two builtin footswitches? I know about the sooperlooper, but I can’t see a way to actually use it with only the two footswitches on the mod duo. To get be able to record a loop that you can start and stop and then reset to record another one seems to take up at least three buttons, since you can’t set up a single switch to be ‘stop when playing’ and ‘reset when not playing’.

I’ve also tried the ‘Loopor’ in unstable, but it doesn’t have a ‘stop’ button…

What I’d like to be able to do is record a loop, then be able to stop and start it and then reset it at the end for the next song. Overdubbing and switching between loops would be great too.

I used to have a Boss RC-50 that could do this no problem, and there are a bunch of other loopers like TC-Electronic’s Ditto that can do this with a single footswitch.

Perhaps I’m missing something.
Can anyone think of a clever way to do this using just the two built-in footswitches?

Haha, so right after I posted, I figured out a way to do what I want (nearly).

I have it set up like this:
Use the sooperlooper
Make two presets:

  • 1_Recording: recoring is on, playing is on
  • 2_Playing: recording is off, playing is off

Set footswitch 1 to cycle through these presets, so it goes: Default, Recording, Playing.
Set footswitch 2 to Reset

Then you can start recording by pressing fs1, then press again to begin looping and press again to stop. Then you can press again to start dubbing over!

The only trouble with this is that if you want to stop then play again without dubbing, you have to press fs1 twice rapidly which is kinda awkward.

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Update #2

I decided to add the ‘stop’ button to the Loopor plugin.
You can get it here:

Basically, the reset button now only stops playback, it doesn’t erase, unless you double tap. And double tapping play will undo the previous loop.