Looper issues

I’m having clicks with sooperlooper at the begin of the loop and the loop seems shorter than what I play. So it’s impossible to make a fluid loop.
Do you have this issue?
I’ve tried an other 6 tracks looper that doesn’t work at all.
I was wondering if a decent looper on Mod device can exist or is it technically impossible?

Hi @Julien,
Out of the blue, I would say that making your loop a bit longer may help you.
Yet, we are aware that the sooperlooper needs some polishing.
Actually, we are working on a new looper that may be available in the near-ish future.
Hope that it helps you


There is also an alternative looper created by one developer in this community, currently listed as beta plugin.

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I’ve tested the alo looper. But it doesn’t work. When I press on a looper swith nothing happens, it just turn green and I don’t hear any sound.
Does it work for you?

The GxLiveLooper (in testing) has seen a huge development during the last two years, unfortunately MOD have decided to fork guitarix and use a version from 02.2018, so no updates arrive anymore.
Otherwise you would be able to try a 4 tape sync looper.


we can split off the project, the important part is the lv2 bundle that needs to rename with the same name and plugins inside.
for the plugins already in the (stable) store, we do not want to update those and risk breaking them, but stuff in beta is quite fine.

individual projects for each lv2 bundle would be best, so they are easier to build and dont update everything at once for 1 small change in a specific plugin. but it is also harder to maintain that way, so understandable that related stuff ends up being packaged together

EDIT: when I write “project” here I mean mod-plugin-builder package

The clicks are related to the audio being cut off and there being no automatic zero crossing point, so if there’s silence at the loop boundary you’ll get no click. For this reason, I tend to put reverb after the looper rather than before.

I’m very much looking forward to the new Looperlative loopers that are scheduled to arrive soon, that were announced during the Dwarf kickstarter


Thanks guys for your responses. I see the Mod team is very active, that’s great news for the future.
Does somebody have tried the ALO looper and can confirme it works? It doesn’t work at all here. There’s no sound and nothing seems to happen when I press on the loop buttons.

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I use the Dub Delay as an oldskool looper. Use a switch to send a signal into it, and set the delay time to the BPM you want, by doing the math. You don’t have to hit your switch on the beat or anything, as whatever you play comes out 4 bars later, no matter what your timing is.

4 beats of 120bpm = 4000ms
4 beats of 125bpm = 3840ms. . etc. etc.
Some bpm’s round better than others of course.

Obviously you can’t sync to a new BPM on the fly, but you can ‘roughly’ sync stuff. For ambient music, it’s fine, but for beat based music, you will lose sync with external gear eventually - depending on how close that gear is to the clock of the Mod Device. For me, it’s around 5 minutes where it’s noticeably out of sync, and for some stuff I do - it’s acceptable.

Any looper that does not sync to BMP or does not allow me to set the loop length is totally useless. I feel that style of looper is for solo musicians only.


Please let MOD know that you are waiting on the Looperlative looper. I think it is important that they get feedback on the importance of looping technology.


For me the Looperlative is, not surprisingly, the single most exciting addition to the MOD family of plugins. Properly can’t wait to try it :grin::grin::grin:


Having a useable looper in the Mod Duo would be a fantastic step forward. I produce drone and textural music and the ability to add a looper into the chain would be an enormous benefit. A Looperlative Looper would be an outstanding addition. With a cherry on top.


I have been using ALO, is Looperlative in development, or beta?


In development.

A few things are needed for the plugin to be fully usable (notably, the plugin needs to show its internal status in the device when used without the web gui).
This involves adding a few tightly integrations for plugins and MOD hardware, which we are working on right now. To be more precise, when a parameter of the plugin is assigned to a knob or button, the plugin will be able to change LED color and text on the device displays.
We will soon (later in this month) begin rolling out the feature to the Dwarf, though of course this needs plugin-side support to be useful. Looperlative will be one of those.

Not related to loopers, but to give an example for this “integration” in plugins.
In a few days/weeks we will be pushing an SF2 instrument loader plugin. Loading sf2 files can take a long time though, so it happens on the background even after the pedalboard has given signal that it finished loading.
As a user, you likely want to know when the file has fully finished loading, so you can begin playing.
When you assign the on/off of this plugin to a button or footswitch, the assigned actuator LED will change color (or blink? undecided yet) to inform about the loading progress, thus giving visual feedback of when it is complete/ready to use.


Looperlative will gladly update the plugin when these new software features are available. Waiting anxiously to release the plugin to MOD users.


I’m very excited about this also. Will looperlative have midi sync capabilities?

Hey Pablo, not overlapping on the super welcome @looperlative direct participation on this forum (thanks Bob for that :wink: ), but the answer is: yes, looperlative plugin will have midi sync capabilities.

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Yes, the Looperlative plugin supports syncing to MIDI clock directly and it supports syncing to the clock as determined by MOD Devices system.


I’m using the ALO and it works fine. I also had difficulties starting it up, took some trial and error and I’m not sure what made it work eventually. The nr. 1 advice that pops up everywhere is that you must set a global bpm on the Mod duo x, otherwise it doesn’t work at all. I use a single channel set to 4 bars and since setup I never had a problem.


Another one here waiting hopefully for Looperlative plugin. Is there any news?