Looking for a pedal to switch input 1-2

hi guys!! i’m looking a pedal to use with my chapman stick, that have a stereo inputs into mod duo, that invert the two input to send the input 1 into the chain pedals built for input 2 and reverse for input 2 to chain pedal of input 1.
That’s help me much to have more sound possibilities and reduce CPU pain.
Thank’s at all for your precious help


If I understand you correctly, you want to have your chapman stick (which has 2 outputs, if I’m not mistaken) connected to your duo such that chapman_out_1 → duo_in_1 and chapman_out_2 → duo_in_2.

Then, inside the Duo, you want to send duo_in_1 to both duo_out_1 and duo_out_2 through each of fx_chain_1 and fx_chain_2. And also send duo_in_2 to both duo_out_1 and duo_out_2 through each of fx_chain_1 and fx_chain_2.

If that’s correct, you can achieve this by using multiple connections like in the attached image:

you’ll probably want to add some 2:1 mixers to get the right blend of both channels, but this is the basic idea (assuming I understand what you’re trying to achieve)


I was just thinking through this again and you probably don’t need the double connections on both ends, just one or the other. Unless you want to do some interesting mixing.

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If I understand you correctly, you’re trying to sometimes do:

Pickup A → signal chain 1
Pickup B → signal chain 2

But also press a button and switch that to:

Pickup A → signal chain 2
Pickup B → signal chain 1

If that’s correct, you can rout each input into a separate instance of a toggle switch that flips the signal between one signal chain or the other signal chain, and use CV Parameter Modulation to map both toggles to a single foot switch or midi switch to flip both toggles simultaneously.


your explanation sounds better :slight_smile:


Now that I think about it–without my Dwarf in front of me, and with the plugins site still down–I think there’s a fully stereo toggle switch available that’s 2-in and 4-out, but it’s not necessarily pre-loaded on the device. That would let you do this with a single plugin and not have to map to the CV Parameter Modulation plugin.


Might be one in the Beta store if at all–see these threads:


Okay—I don’t mean to keep dominating this thread, so my apologies for that—I checked my Dwarf and the 2-in 4-out does exist (Switchbox 2-1 ST) and is installed on my device, but it won’t actually work for the purpose—because it diverts rather than swapping, which I should have of course realized in my head.

So, I stand by my first post as the best solution.

HOWEVER—if you don’t necessarily need the swap to be instantaneous, you could mess around with Stereo X-Fade to see if that works as a single plug-in solution. I haven’t experimented with it so I don’t know how short you can set the fade to, but on the other hand a long slow swap between pickups while you’re playing could be a really interesting take on a filter effect depending on how you EQ.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. The one that won’t work is Switchbox 1-2 ST, which is 2-in 4-out, so that was correct. But I didn’t mention that one above. On the other hand, Switchbox 2-1 ST which I did mention and is 4-in 2-out will work:

Sorry about that brain fart—been dealing with a lot of elder care lately, my mind is a bit scrambled.


I can relate to the brain fart :laughing: To the OP @Gabry_Stick if you want to experiment with serial and parallel switching, I have a post about that, too. I’m a little jealous, as I wanted a Chapman stick when I was younger, but had no way of acquiring one when and where I lived :slight_smile:


yes! and if it is possible also bolt pick up A+B → chain 1 or pick up A+B → chain 2


Genius!!! love you!!! thanksss


i can’t found this pedal on my library causa a can’t log to Mod Cloud, can you share me the pedal???
thank you

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I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance to get you that switchbox—I don’t have a lot of time to dive into the file system on account of the aforementioned elder care situation. I’d say hang on tight for a little bit to see if the Company Formerly Known As MOD manages to bring the plug-in store back online; if it doesn’t then obviously all of us will be playing trading cards. Unless somebody already uploaded it here? Anyone?


thank you for your help… is a embarrassing stalemate situation, i hope the company resolve soon… and if you or anyone can share me the plug in I will be very grateful to you.


Again, you could use the original solution in the meantime—both CV Parameter Modulation and the mono switch should be pre-loaded on your device. A little more setup but not much more CPU intensity. I use it all the time which is why it was my first thought.