Looking for a looper that can sync to BPM (like Alo) for Dwarf

I do see some people using the Alo looper, which seems to do what I am looking for, but I have not been able to find it on the Dwarf plugin store. Can someone help me with this?

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Hi @DaybridgeGhost,

ALO should still be in beta. In the store you can activate a view to see all beta plugins.
At least, that did it for me :slight_smile:



Yes. It is in beta. @DaybridgeGhost you should activate it on the Advanced Settings of the WebGUI

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Thank you! I was able to load it up, but having some trouble with using it.

For instance, how do I toggle between free-running and sync mode? I can’t hear the clicks even when the click volume is set to 10 so I am assuming i am stuck in free-running mode.

Also, when I set the reset mode to 3, the descriptions says double tapping a button should erase just that loop, but it seems to stop all loops.

The author has been quite helpful on the forums, I totally appreciate this plug in.

Possibly check his threads?


I’m not super familiar with the plugin myself, but there are a few things that are probably not yet super stable and that’s why the plugin is still in beta.