Looking for a combination instrument/IEM cable

I’ve been playing with loopers for years, so a while ago I zip tied a 1/4" instrument cable together with a 1/8" stereo headphone cable so that I could play guitar and monitor through IEMs all at once. It works fine but I’d love to find a cleaner solution. It turns out Ernie Ball makes exactly what I’m looking for but $75 seems a little pricey:

Has anyone found a good alternative to this for use with their Dwarf?

that is a great solution - never seen these before.

A cleaner solution would be to get a ABS box, add the jacks and clip it to the guitar strap.

Or use adapters with this cable and cut off the unused plugs. For 16,90€ + adapters might be half the price.

Or do the cable yourself with a little bit of soldering.

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I am simply using a double 6mm TRS cable with an adapter on the Dwarf side (no need for an adapter if using the Duo) and a passive volume control such as this. It works very well although using the TRS on the guitar side might not work with all guitars, in which case a bit of soldering might be needed to connect the ring and sleve wires.

There is also the option of using a regular guitar jack along with a stereo 3.5 cable and some mesh sleve to keep them together.