Long-press functions for DWARF footswitches?

this one is also annoying me the most. I have a liveset that I switch live drums (via sequencer presets up/down) and start stop some effects. I still depend on an external midi controller to get it conveniently working.


Another point here for making a plugin to handle long press and double press assignments is that it will take significantly less time than implementing it into the UI since there are many other things that would come before it in terms of priority. A plugin could be ready pretty quick :wink:


This could be a clever workaround.

Actually, why limiting to CV?

A version of the plugin which can detect long/double/triple presses and release a MIDI signal could be interesting too, both to control other plugins in the Mod via MIDI loopback or even additional devices via MIDI out.


That could be a good idea actually


We had a talk about it and decided for now that midi would be outside the scope of the plugin as it was inteded to basically just be a macro control but since we don’t have macros, we use CV instead. There would need to be a lot of extra options on the plugin to allow midi (PC, CC, Note, Channel, Velocity etc)

However, if you want the new assignments to send a midi signal you could always use Mindi Infamous

I think we will have some news on the longpress for reverse pagination as well as the multifunction CV button plugin quite soon :wink:


@James, did you considered the possibility to use the A footswitch as a pedal status controller (like B and C) instead of a pagination controller?

As I commented in a previous post, this would be increase at 50% the number of pedal status controllers by page. As e.g., the 12 required pages from @fer would be replaced to the current 8 pages that already exists.

I also suggested to use the combination A+B to go back to the previous page and B+C to go ahead for the next page (or vice versa). And to go to the presets list or to the tuner, would be used the long press of A+B and B+C. At this direction, I think you won’t have any conflicts related to a short/long/double/momentary press of an specific effect.

An alternative that is less effective but yet acceptable for me is using A as a pedal status controller and move the pagination controll by a midi controller. So I can use the Chocolate Midi to this.


We did. Actually, we intended to have it that way in the MVP so that A, B and C would be assignable and there would be no pagination. We intended to add pagination later as a separate mode but then found out that Jan had actually already done a lot of work on pagination so we went with that for the MVP as it allows more assignable buttons in total. We were still intending to add this simple 3 button mode eventually but there are many other things with higher priority. We also have to consider that having more modes on the device makes it more complicated for new users

I think you’re right. In theory it should work as far as I can tell now. It would be a 3 button mode with pagination, a kind of best of both worlds. It would need to be tested and I think it would be worth trying. However because of the reasons I listed above (added complexity, other projects with higher priority) I think it’s pretty unlikely that it would happen any time soon. Sorry to burst the bubble but it is a good idea no doubt


I understand but anyway I intend to use my Dwarf for a long long time then…

…if the @jon add this request for the long feature request list, I’ll be happy.

I think that the “multi events” plugin is a good idea.
Related to the plugin state, there is a suggestions related to the Mod LCD display:

When a user does an action (short press, long press, momentary press), I think that a way to indicate visually what happened is showing a modal. I think that @Rom suggested something like this and made a .gif for the case of expression pedal changing.


Jan is working on something currently and we are already testing it. It will likely be on the Beta store on Monday. It’s kind of similar to how @Rom conceptualised with the .gif but it uses text symbols to indicate. We can also utilise pop up windows to show what has been triggered. It needs some testing to work out how it will work best. Keep your eyes peeled next week


we all have access to that list :slight_smile: including @James. Anyway, I added it already a few days ago, I believe.

Just a bit of bragging/show for the more skeptics about our request list, as we always say, if a feature brings visible benefit, it’s not so hard to implement and doesn’t conflict with anything else the process turns out being quite fast…like this one seems to be up to now :slight_smile: