Log/settings dump option for troubleshooting

It may be helpful for troubleshooting purposes to put a user-accessible option in the ‘system’ menu to dump boot logs and a summary of current system settings.

For example, with the input clipping issue currently being researched, this would give you access to compare a lot of different user data to try to trace it down to common settings or boot errors.

It could be an option in the “System” settings screen, and create a text file on the device that can be easily transferred by the user via USB connection.

Just an idea, which may or may not be useful for troubleshooting issues.


You can SSH to the system and get a log. I did it once for falk. It works fine.

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I’m aware but a simple dump script would enable the collection of debugging data without relying on the users technical ability. Streamlining that process seems like it would have some utility and shouldn’t be trying complex to implement…

Again, may not be useful but it was an idea.


@FistfulOfStars It is a good idea indeed. Especially for Mod itself. It would take loto f burden from their shoulder.


Indeed it seems a nice idea @FistfulOfStars and especially useful on our side. I mapped it out :wink:

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no problem SSH to the system, but where to find the logs, for example when plugin fails to load ?

it goes over systemd, so journalctl -u jack2 should do it for the audio server + host side, which includes plugins