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Hi all…well this looks amazing!
As ever, Im being a bit stupid…Ive downloaded a bunch of aida dsp models and put them in the relevant directory (user files/Aida DSP Models/amps).
But when I go to the Aida plugin, I can still only see the model it came with .
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks as always .

you have to refresh the browser to see them updated in the list.

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Thanks, sorted now.
What an incredible thing! I cant quite believe its real. Big up Mod Devices !


Lol. I was re-adding plugin to the pedalboard for that. Browser refresh sounds much easier.

hi Steve, do you can share the link for download the profiles from AIDA DSP amp models, i can only find two models and the pluguin in his web…thanks

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We have a specific category in the forum for sharing models, that being Model Sharing - MOD Audio Forum

Regarding earlier aidadsp ones, there were some potential issues regarding licensing and we want to be extra careful when it comes to that.
Modelling software products and sharing the results of that is typically not allowed by the license terms of said software (which in my opinion should be disputed in court, but who wants to go through that…?)
For private use one can do whatever, but sharing can become a problem.

Modelling (and sharing) hardware captures and models is much more permissible, which is our focus for the next few days.

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So, hypothetically, creating a “NAM converter” that trains a AIDA DSP model from a NAM and share its file could be a problem?

Only if the NAM files are themselves problematic too.

Even they have to deal with the same issues, if they want to stay legal.
An example just a few days ago, quite a few models deleted Remove models of software due to IP concerns · pelennor2170/NAM_models@944ca67 · GitHub

And from their facebook page:

We dont want to create a piracy-hub kinda thing here.


On the Mod GUI, left down : File Manager → Plugins ressources / AIDA DSP Models → Upload

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Thanks! I just found the file manager! I’ve deleted my question but you were faster than me lol. Thanks again

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