Loading Ir's

Hi there,
Ive been trying to load Ir cab sims into my dwarf…To try the idea kut , I downloaded some free ones, that arrived as zip files .
When I go to the file msnager window of the gui, I can click’upload’, and navigate to the zip files, but then if I try to get oast that, I end up loading the zip files. Theyre not visible in the cab sim plugin . Im not quite sure how to progress past this point. If I try to unzip the files first, and get them as a series of wavs, I cant figure out how to get them loaded. As ever, Im sure I’m being stupid .
Any suggestions?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I yet haven’t tried uploading IRs myself, but it’s on my list. I would expect that you’ll need to upload the .wav files individually. Are they showing in the MOD file list but not in the Cab sim?


Hi…actually, Ive sorted it now…it was just a case of fully navigating to the wavs before entering the gui, and then moving them to the 'top’layer of the folder . All good now.
Heres another question…does anyone know of a source or IR cab sims using damaged/failing drivers?
There must be some somewhere !:slightly_smiling_face: