Live Sampler

Hello! I see that there some sampler plugins in development right now. Would be great to have a live-sampler plugin that could transpose recorded audio to a keyboard. With the ability to set fade, loop playback points, reverse, and ADSR.


Live-multisampler would be awesome and several DAHDSR (Log (-64) > Lin (0) > Exp (64)), LFO’s (with a 128 STEP mode function), … . :notes:

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Indeed that file handling opens a looooot of new doors for plugins. Your’s makes a lot of sense. As I’ve been doing, I will save it for discussion with the team :wink:

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Hello! Is there any news about this topic?

Not yet. At this point it would take us a bit more to have it as priority. Unless some developer on the community provide us a plugin that we could port into the platform.

I have found the perfect example of what would be great to have. It is VST, but i’m posting it here as a reference.


Bump! Is there any news about this topic?

The dev team is quite busy at this moment developing the features for the 1.11 OS and after that, they plan to spend a lot of time with other bigger features like pedalboards blocks.
If by any chance you come across an LV2 plugin that does this just share it. Porting an already done plugin may be way easier/faster than develop one from scratch.

Thanks for the reply! Will try to find a solution.


any development here: i’m itching for a chromatic live sampler plugin. Something like Abletons Simpler