Live MIDI values / MIDI log

It would be helpful during setups and while diagnosing unexpected behaviors to know what the Duo is receiving for MIDI input. I can think of two ways of offering this that might be useful:

  1. A live display similar to the “tuner” feature that would display the type and value of incoming messages on one of the display screens.
  2. An optional MIDI log for capture and subsequent review of MIDI events, viewable in the web or system settings; ideally available as a text file on the system for power users to work with via ssh.

So basically a MIDI monitor?
As it is right now, it is not possible to make one, but might be later on in the same release as file-handling.
We need to revisit this in a couple of weeks.



Thank you for the consideration!

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How is the MIDI monitoring / logging situation today?

There is a plugin in beta for monitoring the last received MIDI message.

Since the original post was made, the needed features to support a full MIDI monitor are in place now (since v1.10)
There is already a plugin for this, but not yet ported to our platform.
But surely at some point we will port the MIDI inspector from Open Music Kontrollers which works well (used it myself several times on the PC/desktop)


Wow. Thanks! This is just what I need. Will try this one soon.

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This is the plugin that I needed to debug my MIDI setup. Turns out one of my keyboards started sending real-time clocking which I didn’t notice.
Thanks again.


Yes! I just wanted to post a wish for a “MidiShark” that does the same as WireShark with TCP/IP. But thanks to this Midi display PlugIn my post is no more needed!

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