Little tip for use with netjack on computer

Hi. I just want to share this little tip for use with a jack instance slave of the mod running on a computer.

I think the main use of this is using signal in this order:
mod inputs -> mod pedalboard -> external computer -> mod outputs

Personnaly I use computer with a amp simulator to adjust my pedalboards without having to transport my AC30 in a little room where I can’t really use it at normal volume.

It’s works quite fine but it can be easily improved.
The slave ports in mod-ui are visible sometimes (and sometimes no, i don’t know why).
And I had always to unplug all effects connected to out 1, connect them to out 3, and think to re-plug them to out 1 or have a big surprise on stage.

looking in present jack ports in the mod duo, i saw that all plugins connected to outputs are in fact connected to mod-monitor ports, so it gaves it easy to make a good script.

The script connect mod-monitor outs to slave input ports, and slave output ports to mod playback ports. This way, we have nothing to connect/disconnect and no unneeded connections displayed in mod-ui. At mod duo restart, the mod-monitors ports will be connected to mod playback, you don’t have to care.

The only issue I saw is with tuner. When I leave tuner, mod-monitor is reconnected to playback and i ear together sound from mod and sound from computer. I’ve got to go back on tuner the ear only sound from computer.

the script is here:

Copy this script into the mod duo via ssh in /root:
scp mod-slave_connect root@

you can run it after starting jack on your computer
ssh root@ /root/mod-slave_connect

PS: I just saw that this kind of little script already exists here: