List of feature requests (MOD Dwarf)

  • Would be useful to add a feature that keeps gain constant between parallel and serial paths.

  • Merge stereo cables in order to minimize cables visual mess.

  • Need MIDI assign to have selectable MIDI out

  • Trails/spillover on time based plugins

  • Allow direct snapshot selection via switches.

  • In order to make the switch A more useful for a third parameter, the change page functionality could be activated by double pressing the switch A (or long press).

  • Nice to have: ability to dim LEDs. They look too bright in some cases (especially with low lights environment)

  • It would be useful to load a pedalboard from banks section (just a click on the pedalboard to load it as in pedalboards section)

  • Would be nice to use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out the pedalboard area. The zoom buttons on the upper right corner invalidate usability. Much more easy to use the mouse wheel when the cursor it’s not over any plugins.
    Would be also nice to move through the cab list using the mouse wheel without clicking on the combobox (it already works nice for knobs). At least allow cab selection by clicking on the small up/down arrows. Currently if you click on the left part of the closed combobox or you click on the arrows, it does the same thing (opens the combobox). One more improvement would be to highlight current selected cab in the open combobox list.
    All combobox list items (and lists in general) should be selectable via keyboard arrow keys too.

  • Nice to have: add 1 more digit to float numbers since some parameters have msecs unit

  • Nice to have: 1 click outside a dialog to close it (like it already works with ESC key). It will speed up usability. I use a large display (3840x1600) and it is a PITA to move mouse cursor back and forth for repetitive tasks.

  • Nice to have: select the folder to show in the list since you might have same filename into different folders, it leads to ambiguity (and very long list if you have many IRs to test). It would be also useful to select items in the list using arrow keys.
    I think I’ve also noticed that when I open the plugin back up the previously selected cab isn’t still selected in the list - this makes it really difficult to find the variation right before/after the one you are using (@jeffutter)

  • Very useful to have the EXP button for every plugin, not only for IR loader cabsim.

  • Nice to have: add a filter to show purchasable plugins only and an excluding filter too (E.g. I don’t want to see plugins containing MIDI word)


I’ve been requesting this for years! :crossed_fingers:


This is something we have deliberated over for many hours. The problem with double press or long press is that the desired response from footswitches is activation on press. Meaning that if the footswitch is assigned to a parameter then it will be activated instantly as soon as the switch is pressed down, not when it is released. So if you used double press or long press then the parameter would first be activated and then when it detects the second press or long press it would deactivate it as it now interprets a different intention of the press. If the switch was assigned to a fuzz pedal, this would result in a short burst of fuzz on and off while you attempt to change the page. The only way this could work is if the footswitches had activation on release but this makes it much harder to time you presses.

The current plan is to have 2 modes.

  1. Footswitch A is used for pagination while B and C are assignable
  2. A,B and C are assignable with no pagination.

Currently only “1.” is available. You’re suggestion fits with “2.” but unfortunately double press and long press won’t work but we might try something else like having the option to change A+B press from tools to pagination etc


+1 this for sure. I’ve also been asking for this a lot :joy:


Looks good!



Allow direct snapshot selection via switches.

I have my rig (pedalboard) that contains all I need for a live stage. I setup 12 snapshots to cover all needs.
In a situation where I’m playing with snapshot #1 and I need to jump to my “boost” snapshot #10 in 1 second, I would need to scroll all the snapshots to reach #10, risking to skip it by mistake and then go back and retry. Not usable!

Moreover, snapshots assignment should be at snapshot level, not pedalboard level: if I am at snapshot #1, I can select snapshot #5 (switch B) and #7 (switch C). Once I move, let’s say, to snapshot #5, I can move to #9 (switch B) and #3 (switch C). And so on.

This will avoid complex rig (pedalboard) duplication and give extreme flexibility.


It seems not possible at the moment to have trails/spillover on snapshot change (unless you use an external reverb). Nowadays this is a must have for most of guitar players who wants an all-in-one device.


Need MIDI assign to have selectable MIDI out so programs and controllers can update any changes - such as TouchOSC.

And if you are being super cool how about each snap shot changes fires off ALL MIDI cc’s that have been mapped at once back out so it syncs up on TouchOSC


It is possible if plugins support it.
MOD will run plugins in “bypassed” state if they support such a thing, though yeah most do not at this point.


Good news! Would it be possible to make it work with a simple reverb, just to test the overall result?

sure, which one?


Tal-reverb-II or PlateX2


No need to tag me. I will read over pretty much everything anyway :wink:

EDIT: I also changed the tittle of the thread. Hope that is fine. The idea is to make it a sort of database of feature requests more related with the Dwarf


To really can manage the snapshots (re-order with the GUI) and save & re-order without the GUI.
It’s very important to can use the dwarf without laptop.

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I think it is a feature that will come with next major update.

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Yes, we are working on that at this very moment.
Banks, pedalboards and snapshot navigation and management from within the device.

  1. It would be nice to be able to rotate/select IRs from the device–like be able to rotate through the IRs from the device without the use of a computer by using a dial. (Hate to say it but like how Helix does it).

  2. Add an “undo” option to the Web interface. For example, I have accidently deleted a plugin when I meant to hit the gear icon to edit.

  3. Move the pedal jacks/inputs/outputs a bit further apart on the pedal icons. I have been getting a lot of accidental mono-to-stereo when I don’t want them because of how close or how small the icons are. If the jacks were further away it would be a lot easier to get it right the first time. And on complex patches it can be tricky to undo the cables correctly.

  4. I am not sure if this exists because I thought I remember seeing it in a demo video, but a one click button to turn off all the effects would be great.

  5. I think you could put the “menu” in the “tool” setting along with the tuner and tap tempo. This would free the left button. See 5.

  6. It has been killing me to have to click through seven times to get back to the previous pedal options. This option could be an assignable tool–either to a dial or button or combination. For example, I would be fine with pressing/holding what is currently the “menu” button in order to activate a master control in order to turn a dial so I could rotate backwards and forward between pedal options. Another option is to have a “tweak” mode where you can edit patches and a “play” mode where you can easily pull up plugins and patches. This would be similar to the snapshot option but more focused on stacking individual pedals in real time that pre-made patches. I hope this makes sense.

  7. I hope there will be a reconsideration of how the current layout works in order to get each stomp pedal focused on turning a plugin on/off

Thanks for listening and considering. Keep up the great work.


I believe that this is possible. You can map encoders to scroll on lists.

2 and 3 are going to the requests list.

You can do these using CV plugins. Use the Control to CV plugin, map the button to control it, create a CV port and map all the parameters that you want to switch with that button to that CV control. For more info on how to set the CV controls check this wiki page.

5 saved as request/suggestion.

I’m not sure if I understood well 6, but I’m saving it too.

Do you mean allowing the footswitch A to be assignable?

Thanks for the suggestions and feedback :slight_smile:

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I do mean that A would be assignable to a plugin. Thanks for the quick response. Have a great one.


@Jon, maybe using a service like uservoice will be more easy to group and count the most requested thinks.

Example: General: Hot (1277 ideas) – Mattermost Feature Proposal Forum