List of all Plugins for non-owners?

Is there a list somewhere on the MOD website that lists all the Plugins?

I received a question on the Chapman Stick Forum. I’m sure that many people would like to know what is available before purchasing.
I’m very excited to share the DUO with my fellow Stickists.


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We’re working on a new page that will have this information.

But if you know the linux audio opensource projects (like artyfx, calf, guitarix, invada) they are pretty much all in there.
Some plugins are not stable, useful or have some kind of issue so we haven’t pushed them all into the plugin store yet.

Also note that, if you know a little of programming, you can create your own plugins and put them into the MOD.

Thank you for the reply.

At this point I’m just a simple user and just learning about the open source projects.

Is there a webpage or instructional video that shows how to access and upload the open source plugins?
This is a new arena for me, and many others in the general public.

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Here’s a list of LV2 projects from the official LV2 site. Some are old and not being worked on, many could be ported to MOD, but somebody’s got to do it. Some plugins aren’t optimized for ARM so they will take to much CPU to be useable on the duo. But most of the current projects on MOD have links there.

This gets confusing for a non-programmer guy like me. I want to expand the plug-ins and find better and useful plug-ins for my application.
How do I know which ones are optimized for ARM?
Is there a tutorial on how to find and install into the DUO?

Not really what you asked for, but check out

That provides an indirect list: Plugins used by actual users and also includes sound-examples in most cases.

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Is there a tutorial on how to upload these plugins from Github or lv2 website and into the MOD DUO?

I’m not a programmer and I have no idea on how to upload a plugin that isn’t listed on the MOD GUI. I see that there is so much more the MOD than just what is immediately visible…


We’re working to give developers direct access to the store, so sometime soon you’ll be able to install all of those.
BUT you have to keep in mind most of these have not been tested in MOD yet.

Basically you’ll enable an option that gives you extra plugins, but without the guarantees of them being stable.

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It’s not just “uploading”. You need to compile those sources into a binary which runs on the MOD CPU (ARM-A20), and you’re encouraged to create MOD-GUI and map relevant plugin parameters to knobs.

It’s not that hard to learn and all the tools (mod-sdk etc) are published on their site, easy to pick up and use for a developer like myself.

But if you have never done any development before or have no interest in it, you’re better off asking the developer(s) of the plugins that you’re interested to bring to the MOD. Which is a good idea regardless.

The MOD team also hosts workshops, “How to create MOD plugins”. There are at least two which I know about were at Linux Audio Conferences in the past.

Last but not least:

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Thanks for the links. I will check them out.

I’m not a developer or programmer but have some interest in it and want to learn some of the easy stuff to get me going. I think the first step would be to learn how to map the GUI knobs to the relevant plugin parameters of the plugins that are already created.
I don’t know how quick I will be able to learn this on my own so I will reach out to the developer to see if they would want to bring it to MOD.

Thank you!

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There’s a “wizard” part of the mod-sdk to do that in 3 or 4 steps (choose box + color, knob-type(s) and select parameters). All via a nice web-interface. This has limited options, but it’ll get you to 90% in less than a minute (once you have the mod-sdk running that is)

Tweaking and customizing the layout/design to get to 100% after that is a never-ending task :wink:

PS. and yes it’s a good idea and makes sense to start that way.

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@Skydiver hopefully not too late to fulfill this request:

This is version 1.0, we’ll be bringing improvements to it as soon as possible.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


It looks nice.

It’s nice to be able to search but always nice to find something new as well. I noticed it always starts with the same plugins. Can you randomize the plugins that show so that it’s not always the same ones that pop up first?
If it’s a loop of plugins you can start it at a different point… (I don’t know if that is how it works… but I thought I would put it out there…)

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It’s a cool idea to have a website for this. Thanks for starting this.

+1 for randomizing the order on every load. That’s a good idea.

Now for the details (: Please update the screen-shots, some of them look rather odd or old:

  • wrong font: All the midi-filters; apart from looking weird, text bleeds (e.g. MIDI quantize)
  • reversed scale: compare MIDI-thru (a small box on the MOD) with AT1 (large size on the MOD). The pages has this reversed. AT is tiny, MIDI-trhu is huge. I mention those two because they have the same aspect ratio. Others have the similar issues.
  • wrong box alignment (e.g. TAP-EQ top bar)

All these plugins look fine in MOD pedalboards and in the SDK, but they’re also wrong in the MOD store.
Anyway just another detail I thought I’d flag up.

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@x42 can you give me one or two examples of screenshots that look old in the website compared to the MOD?

Thanks for the feedback, will look into those issues. I should have contacted you before making this live in prod.

Here’s one example:

  • font-size and weight: All text is too large, most notable the follow up “Time Base” linewrap
  • CSS line-spacing is off, the plugin-name is a few px too far to the bottom
  • The shadow on the “min duration” Button, the Brand and Plugin-Name is not properly rendered
  • The bypass button is off by a few px vertically (probably a side effect of the line-spacing)
  • The text inside the dropdown is a off towards the top.


Well, I think it’s fine. Release early, release often… and crowd source bug reports.
I would suggest to just mark it as “beta” for the time being.

It’s great to have this overview and for a first version it’s not unexpected that there are some wrinkles…

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as for the size & scaling compare the website and MOD

The x42 and tap eq screenshots are my fault.
I think my phantomjs version is old and doesn’t support some new css rules.
There’s also the issue of mod-sdk canvas not matching 100% the mod-ui canvas.
Once this is fixed I’ll update the plugins with the proper screenshots.