Linux ARM plugins

A question from a dummy.
What, if I find free downloadable Linux ARM plugins
(like here so) -
is there a way to easy get em running on the MOD or is it rather dumb idea?
BTW:. some free Valhalla plugins are to be running on M1/M2 native AAX - this won´t fit the kernel neither, or does it?

Hi @Kopplog

MOD devices use “.lv2” files for the plugins, so you’d need access to the source code for projects that support the LV2 standard. For example, here’s the code for the DragonFly reverbs: GitHub - michaelwillis/dragonfly-reverb: A set of free reverb effects

Then, you need to use a tool available from MOD to build and upload the lv2/plugin file that will be compatible with the MOD kernel. There are other considerations beyond that, like making sure parameters can be mapped to hardware, and providing graphics for display, which may require additional development work.

If M1 is the lower end requirement, it won’t run on the Dwarf

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The simple answer: No.

The complicated answer: what @unbracketed said. if you have the source then it could possibly be compiled. This however doesn’t mean that these plugins will run efficiently/usably.

The AAX format is not compatible with Linux or MOD systems.

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