Linking 2 Mod Duos?


I’m thinking at some point of purchasing a 2nd Mod Duo and running 2 consecutively.
I’m using my Mod Duo for different instruments including Chapman Stick, guitar and bass.
With the Stick, it would be great to run the treble and bass sides on a separate Mod Duo and in the process freeing up CPU resources.
What are the possibilities of running 2 at the same time and linked to a laptop for editing.
Is this possible?
And also could they be linked so I can use 1 external controller to control both at the same time.
All the best.

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I have two duos now and would love this function.
I don’t think it’s at the top of the list of things for the Duo team but I’m sure they can figure a way to do this…

One option is to access one with Bluetooth (need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle) and the other with through USB cable. With a bit of programming you can give each one a different web address and use USB on both… but I’m not at that level. I find the USB connection much faster and robust.

I’ve been too lazy to set one up for bass side and the other for melody… Just easier to plug in and go with one box… I think this has been getting me to stay on track… with any more CPU I may never come out of that rabbit hole of never-ending tweaking and exploration and never get anything done… :rabbit:

My current thought is to use the second unit for vocals and synth (I have the Sonuus G2M). I’ve had the idea, but haven’t tried, to connect a mic into the G2M and have some crazy synth sounds connected to my vocals… like a reverse vocoder.
But I’m getting off topic here…

Back on topic of connecting two (or more) Duos…
The other thing is to be able to control the 2nd Duo from the 1st Duo. It would be really cool if control chain switches connected to the first duo can be used on the second duo. Midi controls isn’t an issue because you can drag the Midi cable across the GUI to the output and connect a midi cable to the input of Duo #2.
@ssj71 has made a plugin for sending midi messages (hopefully showing up in unstable plugin list soon) and assign a Control Chain footswitch to this plugin and send the message to the Duo #2. (or from #2 to #1 for that matter…)

I’m not a programmer and I just throw out ideas all over the place… but the MOD team has been amazing at taking in ideas and implementing them. Love these folks!

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Thanks Skydiver

That’s really informative.
Lots of stuff to be getting on with from your information.
Nice one.

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