Left knob starting to act up

I have this problem, too - left button only.
Most often it comes around some frantic turning…
I’d love to be able to repair my Mod,
so please send me the remedy!

My mod is having the same issue, left knob. Almost every time now…

same issue here. left knob only. i’ve been able to work with it by turning really slowly, but normal or quick turning definitely produces erratic results (including downwards movement when turning upwards).

i’m on

@falkTX @ricardocrudo : Out of curiosity (I am not sure it is relevant for this problem), does the mod contain a mechanism for allowing you guys to log onto it remotely in case you need to assess or fix something ?

I suppose there is always the option to use reverse SSH, but that first requires a quite technical manual intervention of the user to initiate the ssh tunnel. I suppose the best way would be to have the ssh tunnel being initiated automatically via some menu on the Mod. Is this something that is already implemented in the Mod ?

@Mike_James and @plutek I’ll contact you guys via PM giving details how to repair your MOD.

No! That would be a backdoor. :slight_smile:

Anyway, in this case the SSH access won’t help.

If the backdoor can only be activated by the user via the mod’s menu, I don’t see it as a problem.

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I’m unfortunately having the same issue, for quite a while, I thought it was a bit too sensitive but as I add more pedalboards it’s becoming a liability accessing banks between songs at gigs. When @falkTX says it will be addressed in a firmware update does that mean in 1.4.0 final, or after that?

The MOD would have to be reachable via network from the outside in the first place, or by itself be able to connect to the Internet somehow (and establish a connection that can be used to call back). The MOD can do neither [1].

All communications (plugin-updates, pedalboard sharing etc) happen via the web-browser. Internet <> local web browser <> MOD (the MOD is not on the same network).

[1] Well, you can manually reconfigure the MOD to not provide its own network and/or configure your LAN to allow the MOD to connect or be reachable from the outside.

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There’s 2 separate important things here…

The firmware issue, that can be fixed, is about rotating the knob fast and it sometimes going backwards.
Also the sensitivity of the knob needs to be adjusted in the code, so that small adjustments trigger a change right away - to make it less “steppy”.
(neither 1.4 or 1.5 will change/fix this by the way)

Other oddities regarding the knob, besides what I mentioned, are likely hardware issues.

I have the same issue after upgrading to (stable release)
But It´s present on the right knob.
Turning it fast clockwise it decreases the value.

This issue wasn’t fixed yet. I’ll work on this when possible.

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Any update on the ‘knobs go backwards’ issue?

no guys. i have the same problem. Any fixes avaliable?

Not yet.

i’m still noticing this (especially on the right knob, it seems), even with the replacement board you sent me, so it seems a software upgrade is required…

Yes, it’s a software issue. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to look at it yet.

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Yes this is really annoying and not really expected on a 699 euro device. Is fixing it really not prioritized?

this issue seems to be much improved on my Duo with the 1.7.2 software release…

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