Labels/Text Boxes

Would it be possible to add a feature where you could insert text boxes to add notes/reminders on the pedalboard?
Kind of like Post-it notes.
With larger setups it could make it easier to find out where everything is.

Also an option to colour code the cables or group items.


I think @falkTX has some news that may make you happy :wink:
I will leave for him the pleasure to deliver them :grin:


You mean something like this? :blush:

One of the new kinds of plugins possible in v1.10, coming soon.


I feel spoiled :smiley:

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I’ve never ever looked forward to a release more than to v1.10


My Mod Duo will be the the only pedal to have shopping list option !
I love that! :heart_eyes:


…been hankering after this for years!



Great feature – will definitely make use of this! Will the text be uploaded when sharing a pedal board online?


Me too… :sweat_smile:

It will not be part of the screenshot, but if you load the pedalboard you will be able to see the text.


Nice! Would it make sense to use notes as pedal board description if only one of these notes is present?

personally, i’d say no… seems unlikely to me that just a description would be the most useful info a user would want stored with the pedalboard, vis-a-vis its usage.

i.e. if i was going to decide on only one note, it’d be something i need in order to operate it, like details about external controllers or some such.

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I tend to agree… users have built some crazy big and complex pedal boards. Still: it would be better than the current state of affairs and if need be, a user manual could fit into that note, as well. But yeah, definitely makeshift territory.

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if this is a ‘note module’ then why not give it an attribute, off by default, called ‘pedalboard_description’
if it’s on, the text is used as the description.
do these notes support anything more than plain text?
can they be given a different color background?
different font/size?


This is based on GitHub - OpenMusicKontrollers/notes.lv2

It would be nice if we could have markdown in the render maybe (but that would need a toggle between edit and view).

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markdown would need to parse user input. I am not comfortable doing that, since adding <script> would be trivial in there. then we would need to sanitize the input… it’s complicated.

font-size is configurable.
is color useful to be as well? most colors do not work right, so maybe just a pre-set list of them would be okay…


yeah agreed. just that some formatting “could” be nice. v2 maybe :slight_smile:

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