Kyuss Pedalboards - Stoner Rock Guitar Tone

Hey there,

I have some fun using my Dwarf and playing to midi backing tracks, which I export from GP-tabs using the open software “TuxGuitar” (free and open source tablatur editor).

I wanted to share my attempts to get as close as possible to the heavy distorted guitar sound of Kyuss. I normally use the buffer size set to 256, but it probably would work also with 128 as the pedalboards are not too heavy. I play a ES339 Semiacoustic tuned down C. Regarding the pedalboards, perhaps the last one (Whitewater) is the most interesting one, because it combines the OJD and the big Muff with a CV-controlled fade-effect from one into another (which I found here in the forum from @jesse )

Here are the pedalboards:


Very nice!!! :metal: :metal: :metal:

Nice idea to use the fade between the OJD and Muff like that, I will definitely be borrowing that idea for future pedalboards that I make :slight_smile:


Hot damn. These look excellent. I’m not really a big Kyuss/stoner rock fan, but I dabble. QOTSA is a far as my musical sensibilities usually go in that direction, but Hurricane is one of the better songs ever made IMO, no matter the genre (it would probably crack my personal top 100).

Anyway, clean (you even arranged the plugins in the chain in a visually pleasing way), well-named, great sounding presets, is probably one of the better ways a MOD community could contribute, to prop up the Dwarf a bit. A few dozen boards like that could go a long way. If I wasn’t familiar with the Dwarf already, something like that would definitely pique my interest as a guitar player.

Great job.

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the all sound really nice. Great Job.

These are really great!
I love your pedalboards!

I’m glad you like it! I already started to do the same for some artists of other genres. In case I achieve presentable results, I’ll post them as well…

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I made a version using portals, so it works also in 128 frame and 35% CPU free.
The sound is quite the same.


@CarloDossi: cool, thanks for optimizing it!


Here you are using 128 samples for the guitar line (without cabsim, reverb and delay), 256 for line with the portal (the cabsim, reverb and delay) and 128 for the two midi players.

Here is a test that can run with no extra latency for the dry signal, and latency for the reverb/delay only.

You can use the same reverb for the midi player to limit the CPU amount and put some TinyGain to adjust the SEND to the delay/reverb :


You’re right, I usually use your kind of approach, put the cabinet after portal is a little bit improper but in this case being the sound quite distorted I thought that feed the ear with a little bit of dry signal could make latency imperceptible . Actually for virtuoso metal sound I don’t suggest it, but for stoner purpose it could be just good enough considering the amount of cpu saved.
Thanks for sharing, I posted actually in order to encourage use of portal and discuss the better way to use them.


I forgot to switch the TinyGain with Volume - MOD Audio as it is more CPU friendly…
(see here Plugins CPU Usage - MOD Wiki)


Hey, I’m late to the party but thanks for sharing! I’ll be tweaking these a bit for a synth lead for sure.